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Despite my best efforts, I’m not a morning person. I once convinced myself that I was a morning person – working a job in which I rose between 5:00-6:00am to begin teaching at 7:30am. No thank you. Today I enjoy mornings on the deck; the dog sprawled out alongside me guarding me and her turf. […]

packing pandemonium

We haven’t started into the meat of the packing yet. Foolishly, I thought it wouldn’t be too bad; we don’t have that much stuff, right? And then I visited the basement- the root of all damp evil. I realized that the few kitchen boxes I’d already packed have disintegrated in the summer humidity. Realized that […]

pushing the right button

This morning I read an amazing  blog post by Dr. Kelly Flanagan, a writer and psychologist to whom my friend Deb introduced me. His work this morning, “It’s About Time“, spoke to the difficult relationships we all share with time. I know I do. When I’m sitting behind my computer at work, staring at yet […]


Wednesday morning, right against the deadline, I officially declined Johns Hopkins School of Public Health’s offer  to attend their PhD in Health Behavior and Science. And while I’ve already excitedly accepted and announced my matriculation into the University of Tennessee’s doctoral program, declining JHSU’s program brings both sadness and joy. You see, I had the opportunity […]

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living situations…

Well, we’re at it again: Trying to find roommate number 6. In year 1, J, our first roommate, landed a job abroad and left in May. We took S, a sub-letter starting in June through September. For year 2, A joined us. Unbeknownst to us, so did his boyfriend K. That was a stressful year as […]

what they don’t tell you

They don’t tell you that over 7 years later, when you get your first horrible throat infection, that it might take hold right where they ripped out the goiter growing ever so slowly in your neck. The one that housed cancer. Incubated fear. They don’t tell you how you’ll feel. They can’t really. They can’t […]