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Between Yesterday and Today

I’m sitting down this morning to write a much different post than I did yesterday. In fact, I scrapped yesterday’s draft. Yesterday, my post began with a glass half empty mindset; today, while the stressors haven’t changed, I’m feeling different. Today I have hope.  Yesterday, at this time I’d been awake since 5am. I’d woken […]

pushing the right button

This morning I read an amazing  blog post by Dr. Kelly Flanagan, a writer and psychologist to whom my friend Deb introduced me. His work this morning, “It’s About Time“, spoke to the difficult relationships we all share with time. I know I do. When I’m sitting behind my computer at work, staring at yet […]

I am learning

I am learning that I have much learning to do. I am learning that what I thought I knew must be undone before anything can be known. I am learning that I have capacity to change and change is uncomfortable. Change makes me run – or at least tense my feet against the blocks. Unlearning means un-block-ing; stillness let me feel all […]

swirling dark water- a maelstrom

Protected: the work

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working on believing

It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen. Muhammad Ali I have been unemployed or underemployed now for eight months. During this time I have worked in a bakery, blogged about my daily experiences, spent *hours* on the phone with the state unemployment […]