This week turned my life upside down. Literally. My work days stretched from a 10-hour up to a 14-hour day. I didn’t know I could work that long. Seriously.  This week I had two deadlines: 1. To get a manuscript out for final edits before resubmission, and 2. a revised aims page and research strategy. Those […]

I awoke like a child on Christmas morning. It’s not Christmas yet – that comes seven days from now. No, today my gifts were the promise of a pot of fresh Peet’s coffee, double sliding doors with a mountain view, a soft leather couch, and blogging. As I emerged from the dark of the oversized bedroom […]

I always wanted my blog to have more purpose than it does. I’d imagined becoming one of those writers who was picked up to contribute to an online magazine; honestly reviewed graciously donated products; and captured the eyes, hearts, and comments of readers around the globe. Dangerous Opportunity is not that kind of productive. Instead, it’s […]

It’s been over 30 days now since we landed in Tennessee. I’ve barely been on Facebook but to ask for financial and emotional support for my recovering puppy. I haven’t baked challah. I haven’t swam. I haven’t blogged. I have grieved. Have felt conflicted with my decision to move. I have nervously packed up my […]

I’m sitting down this morning to write a much different post than I did yesterday. In fact, I scrapped yesterday’s draft. Yesterday, my post began with a glass half empty mindset; today, while the stressors haven’t changed, I’m feeling different. Today I have hope.  Yesterday, at this time I’d been awake since 5am. I’d woken […]

Despite my best efforts, I’m not a morning person. I once convinced myself that I was a morning person – working a job in which I rose between 5:00-6:00am to begin teaching at 7:30am. No thank you. Today I enjoy mornings on the deck; the dog sprawled out alongside me guarding me and her turf. […]

I know it’s happening. I can listen to my body now. To my mind. As we close in on our moving date, both mind and body are moving between empty and full. During the days, after coffee in the morning, I rarely want to eat. I can make it through the day on a yogurt, an apple, […]