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My German shepherd, Bryce, lying in the snow and smiling

on planning and smiling

I woke up slowly this morning- smiling. I’d planned a quiet start to Shabbat- as I now am wont to do; dog cuddles, coffee in bed, HuffPo articles, and then a late morning walk with B. At 9am she popped her face up at the foot of the bed and smiled- her paw scratching the […]

German shepherd standing in the snow

on hearing silence

Following my fuzzy shepherd, I stepped outside into the wintry back garden. The snow, now in piles and furrows from her excited romping and rolling, brightly reflected white into my eyes. Warm winter white. As I turned my eyes upward I could see only deep bright blue and white fluffy clouds. Icicles dripping and pooled […]

Sun Shining through window pane

Morning Writing

My friend Toni runs a weekly writing group that, at different times, I have tried to attend. Sadly, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve managed to make it across the river and to his home. Thankfully, Toni regularly shares writing prompts through Facebook that, over the years, I’ve dipped into […]

Ingredients for quinoa pancakes

Comfort Choc-ful Pumpkin Loaf + Nutty Quinoa Pancakes

Recipes for Choc-ful Pumpkin Loaf + Nutty Quinoa pancakes follow this entry. I’ve been writing this post since Thursday. I first began working on the content for this post (in my mind and through baking) on Tuesday. It is amazing how much has changed since then and how also this post has changed. Originally I’d […]

The irony of missing Shabbat

I miss Shabbat. The irony is that I never really had Shabbat to begin with. I began coming into my understanding of Shabbat in February this year when I spent extended time with my boyfriend, K, and his family. The only time I have truly experienced Shabbat was in February of this year when I […]

ending the day + beginning Shabbos

I am lying in bed watching the glow from our Shabbat candles. Tonight, Korrie and I had Shabbos dinner for the first time in this house and together; our friend Erin joined us. The meal was simple-beef and vegetarian tacos. The community was small. But, the love was great. This afternoon I spent my time […]