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just a kid

Before Ferguson and New York our country was in tumult; we just weren’t talking about race, racism, power, hatred, and violence at the volume we are currently. But we have lived out racism each day- as folks of oppressed groups and as folks of non-oppressed groups, folks with privilege, folks without privilege, and as folks who deny […]

Protected: the pieces of love

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Writers are beautiful.

Writers are beautiful. Writers have folded legs and folded hands sitting loosely on their laps. Their arms are not folded- lest to wrap in a welcomed embrace of Toni or another consensual community-seeker. Writers upturn eyes and downturn chins. They listen intently while staring into the distance or at the speaker’s profile. They do not […]

Better than best-friend

I’m not sure when I realized that my better-than-best friend was a fluffy, stinky (at times) German Shepherd-mix. It wasn’t the first day when she came home and I oohed and aahed over her tiny ears, fluffy tail and miniature puppy pads. I do remember thinking, “Let her be mine” and “Can I take on […]

Honey cake and crumbs

Honey cake + Challah

Recipe for Honey Cake follows at the end of the post. This past erev Shabbat I made challah and honey cake because it was also erev Yom Kippur. On Friday after sundown, we entered into 26-hours of fasting and atonement on the holiest day of the year in the Jewish calendar.  “For on this day […]

Time flies

It feels like ages have past since I last blogged. At the very least, I’ve aged literally and figuratively. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve passed a new age marker and find myself firmly set in my 30s. I like this. My 20s were fine years- a little busy at times but filled with […]

ending the day + beginning Shabbos

I am lying in bed watching the glow from our Shabbat candles. Tonight, Korrie and I had Shabbos dinner for the first time in this house and together; our friend Erin joined us. The meal was simple-beef and vegetarian tacos. The community was small. But, the love was great. This afternoon I spent my time […]