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Between Yesterday and Today

I’m sitting down this morning to write a much different post than I did yesterday. In fact, I scrapped yesterday’s draft. Yesterday, my post began with a glass half empty mindset; today, while the stressors haven’t changed, I’m feeling different. Today I have hope.  Yesterday, at this time I’d been awake since 5am. I’d woken […]

waiting games

This morning I dropped Bryce off at Angell Memorial for the second time in two weeks- her fourth visit in the past month. Between each visit we’ve been asked to wait and watch her symptoms- until last week when her joint taps showed abnormally high neutrophil counts in each limb tapped (15,000 in each of […]

sitting in the car

I’m sitting in my car listening to country music, sipping decaf espresso, and crying because I am feeling all the feels. It took Bryson and I over an hour tonight to walk the two blocks to the MSPCA park. She was so stubborn – she wanted to play ball, but was limping so bad she […]

Boston blizzard: Bryce + Blueberry muffins

Recipe for GF Blueberry (Boston Blizzard) Muffins below Happy #Blizzard2015! Does anyone else think that’s a ridiculous hashtag? It’s only January and we’re calling this *the* blizzard of 2015? As my partner would say, “The Jew in me thinks we’re jinxing this”. I’m home alone today as dear hubby was called into his job; thankfully, […]

sunset - red sky at night

she leads our walks

“She leads our walks with thoughtless intention through the back lanes and side streets. This is how I come to know where I live.”

dog + cat

The cat- atop human bed. The dog – curled tight. The house – silent. I – gratefully living.  

German shepherd standing in the snow

on hearing silence

Following my fuzzy shepherd, I stepped outside into the wintry back garden. The snow, now in piles and furrows from her excited romping and rolling, brightly reflected white into my eyes. Warm winter white. As I turned my eyes upward I could see only deep bright blue and white fluffy clouds. Icicles dripping and pooled […]