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I am learning

I am learning that I have much learning to do. I am learning that what I thought I knew must be undone before anything can be known. I am learning that I have capacity to change and change is uncomfortable. Change makes me run – or at least tense my feet against the blocks. Unlearning means un-block-ing; stillness let me feel all […]

just a kid

Before Ferguson and New York our country was in tumult; we just weren’t talking about race, racism, power, hatred, and violence at the volume we are currently. But we have lived out racism each day- as folks of oppressed groups and as folks of non-oppressed groups, folks with privilege, folks without privilege, and as folks who deny […]

on teshuvah and the things we give up

I am “supposed” to be working this morning. I will get to it. Now, being Shabbat, it is most important for me to spend time self-reflecting. We are in the Ten Days of Repentance, the time beginning with Rosh Hashanah and ending with Yom Kippur. This time is important, an opportunity to practice Teshuvah (literally: “returning” or […]


Has it really been since May since I’ve last blogged? Wow. There’s continued to be much change in the past few months. It’s been difficult and easy, saddening and joyous. I’ve been focusing a lot on me-who I am in the world, who I want to become, and how I would like to contribute. I’ve […]

International Women’s Day…my life of education

Today is International Women’s Day. There are so many issues that I could reflect on today; policy inequities, health outcomes, violence against women, workplace discrimination, media representation of women. I could intellectualize, throw up an infographic, or write lists of statistics outlining the oppressed status of women internationally. Instead, I’m going to tell you a […]

change and continuity

I’ve been thinking much this week about the balance of change and continuity. When I think about best business practices around change and continuity, I’m reminded or almost every business class/seminar I’ve taken and the discussion that ensues about operational effectiveness and organizational strategy. Organizational strategy is rooted in values- it’s about what you’re trying […]