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what they don’t tell you

They don’t tell you that over 7 years later, when you get your first horrible throat infection, that it might take hold right where they ripped out the goiter growing ever so slowly in your neck. The one that housed cancer. Incubated fear. They don’t tell you how you’ll feel. They can’t really. They can’t […]


I’m sick of publications that glorify slimness and curves. Just-so breasts, tight asses and hourglass figures. My partner, on our pre-vacation/honeymoon flight pulls out a freshly purchased ESPN magazine and flashes me a naked female body. “Yeah, no,” I reply. “But don’t you think the athletic issue is different?” No. It’s not. Yes, I’m having […]

Protected: counting change

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Protected: hunger games

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Body positive joy: The Big Thrifty in review

Today I had the honor of volunteering and shopping or the first time at The Big Thrifty. Hosted at Triangle, Inc in Malden, MA, The Big Thrifty brought together plus-sized folks of all sizes for clothes and accessory thrifting fabulousness. As a supporter of Toni Amato and Write Here Write Now, I arrived early to […]

When you look at a field of dandelions you can either see a hundred weeds or a hundred wishes.


Trigger warning: This post vividly describes bulimic behavior.     I sat on the bathroom floor with a gallon of vanilla ice-cream positioned between my thighs.  I’d arrived home from school, stripped off my jeans, pulled on gray cotton boxers shorts and headed for the freezer. Outside the temperature was spiking 92. I was hot, […]

cookie baking

I wasn’t going to blog. I was going to go to bed. But, I found myself curled up on top of the covers, cat by my side and wide awake and so I began this blog post. I made gluten-free chocolate chip cookies last night- an adaptation from TheWannabeChef. And, I like them. This process […]