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real food

I walked the dog, made dinner, sat outside and ate without watching television, and organized the freezer tonight. And, yes, I want a standing ovation. Summer has always been a difficult time for me to keep a routine. The heat makes me dread the oven. Heat. Sweat. Ick. And, once I get home from work, […]

Veggie-Tofu Skillet Ingredients

Mostly MREs: Meals Ready to Eat

MRE recipes following post include: Crockpot Apple-Oatmeal (link to recipe), Breakfast Egg-Cakes, Nutty Quinoa Pancakes (link to recipe), Veggie-Tofu Skillet, and Garlicky-Parmesan Quinoa Patties. After yet another week of eating take-out, processed cakes, and far too many miniature candy bars, I realized that I miss real food. I often find myself in a catch-22: I […]

Quick n’ Dirty Version: Pumpkin Black Bean “Enchiladas”

Recipe for Quick n’ Dirty Version: Pumpkin Black Bean “Enchiladas” follows at end of post. So, I came home yesterday evening with the full intent to make Chocolate-chip pumpkin muffins. I’d been thinking about them since Sunday morning; cinnamon-spiced with walnuts and dark chocolate. Heavenly. After an enthusiastic day of teaching, dog-walking, and therapy-attending I […]

Bunch of red tomatoes

Vitamin C + a hearty fall soup

Recipe for Balsamic-Tomato Soup follows at end of post. I have a cold. it is the 3rd cold that I’ve come down with this year. I am not pleased with this cold– the runny, itchy nose and scratchy throat- and yet I am pleased with my response to it. I am “taking it easier”. Formerly, […]