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I am learning

I am learning that I have much learning to do. I am learning that what I thought I knew must be undone before anything can be known. I am learning that I have capacity to change and change is uncomfortable. Change makes me run – or at least tense my feet against the blocks. Unlearning means un-block-ing; stillness let me feel all […]

Mornings are for mixing-up muffins (literally + figuratively)

Recipe for Mixed-up Blueberry Streusel Muffins below. This morning the dear husband asked for blueberry muffins- with crumb topping. I’ve been talking about making blueberry muffins for weeks now and yet still hadn’t bought All-Purpose (AP) flour. I’ve gluten-free flours (chickpea, almond, hazelnut, and GF-AP) in the cabinets but I’ve not experimented with them for muffins. […]

real food

I walked the dog, made dinner, sat outside and ate without watching television, and organized the freezer tonight. And, yes, I want a standing ovation. Summer has always been a difficult time for me to keep a routine. The heat makes me dread the oven. Heat. Sweat. Ick. And, once I get home from work, […]

a piece of cake?

Sometimes, feeling afraid causes us to stop living. But the opposite is equally true: fully living causes us to feel afraid. It takes us into new territory. It pushes us to our limits. It causes us to grow and to change and to leave old, beloved things behind. We end up in the middle of […]

Do the clothes make the man?

You’ve all heard the phrase, right? “The clothes make the man.” While I strongly react to the sexist, consumerist, and classist implications of this idiom, I’m finding myself reflecting upon it this morning because yesterday, I went shopping. “What?!?! Hold the phone !” you say. “She’s unemployed! Where are our government dollars going to- heels […]