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Screenshot of Boston's current weather forcast; reading 17 degrees with a "Real Feel" of 14 degrees.

lessons from a frozen cyclist

I am not a cyclist by drive, nature, nor habit. This past year, I began biking to work, which is only about 3 miles away. But truthfully, I preferred driving in my new car – a sporty red hatchback with comfy seats and a great pick-up. So, mostly I drove. Occasionally, I rode. Yesterday, after […]

black and white maze diagram

Trying to follow the map…

What happens when you’re from a working-class become middle-class-family background trying to negotiate higher education and “find” your profession? Well, if it’s like my case, you can’t figure out your way because you don’t know the information to help you to understand the key that defines the roadmap which gets you to your endpoint. I […]

Ingredients for quinoa pancakes

Comfort Choc-ful Pumpkin Loaf + Nutty Quinoa Pancakes

Recipes for Choc-ful Pumpkin Loaf + Nutty Quinoa pancakes follow this entry. I’ve been writing this post since Thursday. I first began working on the content for this post (in my mind and through baking) on Tuesday. It is amazing how much has changed since then and how also this post has changed. Originally I’d […]

a piece of cake?

Sometimes, feeling afraid causes us to stop living. But the opposite is equally true: fully living causes us to feel afraid. It takes us into new territory. It pushes us to our limits. It causes us to grow and to change and to leave old, beloved things behind. We end up in the middle of […]

Overqualified and “underachieving”

I received a call today from a person who encouraged me to apply for a job within her organization. She noted they had a strong internal candidate who ultimately interviewed for and received the position. I wasn’t invited in for an interview. Why? Because I am overqualified. It’s funny to me that after over five […]

International Women’s Day…my life of education

Today is International Women’s Day. There are so many issues that I could reflect on today; policy inequities, health outcomes, violence against women, workplace discrimination, media representation of women. I could intellectualize, throw up an infographic, or write lists of statistics outlining the oppressed status of women internationally. Instead, I’m going to tell you a […]

Protected: Living the doggie dream

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.