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packing pandemonium

We haven’t started into the meat of the packing yet. Foolishly, I thought it wouldn’t be too bad; we don’t have that much stuff, right? And then I visited the basement- the root of all damp evil. I realized that the few kitchen boxes I’d already packed have disintegrated in the summer humidity. Realized that […]

Protected: experiential wishlisting

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Increasing joy

Yesterday marked Rosh Chodesh, the “head of the month”, marking the beginning of Adar I. This year, the shanah meuberet, is a leap year in which the Jewish calendar holds 13 months instead of 12. During this year we gain Adar I, inserted before the regular month of Adar (know this year as Adar II). […]

Dog on a snowy street during a blizzard.

On going to the less than generous spaces first

This morning my dear K came home from his third shift job just as I was leaving for work. We talked for a few minutes and ended our conversation in front of our home. A young woman, about our age, was shoveling out her car. “I think I may help this poor woman,” he said. At that […]

I am learning

I am learning that I have much learning to do. I am learning that what I thought I knew must be undone before anything can be known. I am learning that I have capacity to change and change is uncomfortable. Change makes me run – or at least tense my feet against the blocks. Unlearning means un-block-ing; stillness let me feel all […]

Salty air

This evening, I walked out of the tall gray building that is my job after completing a 12-hour workday. I had been cold inside, wrapped up in air conditioning and my sea-blue cotton-blend cardigan. I expected to feel colder and so braced myself for the Boston fall chill upon pressing against the glass exit doors. […]

Doing it all

I sometimes wonder how I did it all. More often, I wonder what “doing it all” actually means. I was once climbing the nonprofit management ladder at a decent pace. I constantly thought about what I could do next; how to grow and fund the programs I imagined, created, implemented, and managed; how to advance […]