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I’m sick of publications that glorify slimness and curves. Just-so breasts, tight asses and hourglass figures. My partner, on our pre-vacation/honeymoon flight pulls out a freshly purchased ESPN magazine and flashes me a naked female body. “Yeah, no,” I reply. “But don’t you think the athletic issue is different?” No. It’s not. Yes, I’m having […]

When you look at a field of dandelions you can either see a hundred weeds or a hundred wishes.


Trigger warning: This post vividly describes bulimic behavior.     I sat on the bathroom floor with a gallon of vanilla ice-cream positioned between my thighs.  I’d arrived home from school, stripped off my jeans, pulled on gray cotton boxers shorts and headed for the freezer. Outside the temperature was spiking 92. I was hot, […]

Writers are beautiful.

Writers are beautiful. Writers have folded legs and folded hands sitting loosely on their laps. Their arms are not folded- lest to wrap in a welcomed embrace of Toni or another consensual community-seeker. Writers upturn eyes and downturn chins. They listen intently while staring into the distance or at the speaker’s profile. They do not […]