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finding beauty in each dangerous opportunity

This week turned my life upside down. Literally. My work days stretched from a 10-hour up to a 14-hour day. I didn’t know I could work that long. Seriously.  This week I had two deadlines: 1. To get a manuscript out for final edits before resubmission, and 2. a revised aims page and research strategy. Those […]

Planning and caretaking 

In about 8 weeks we will move to Knoxville. I’m off work this week and part of next to take care of my spouse. His June 4th surgery was timed as quickly as we could book it and yet falls in a strange place; too early to help much with the pre-move and perhaps too […]

pushing the right button

This morning I read an amazing ¬†blog post by Dr. Kelly Flanagan, a writer and psychologist to whom my friend Deb introduced me. His work this morning, “It’s About Time“, spoke to the difficult relationships we all share with time. I know I do. When I’m sitting behind my computer at work, staring at yet […]

The things I learned…

This is a blog post I wrote for and shared with the students of MC795 The Health of Adolescents and Emerging Adults (for which I TA’ed this semester): Dear learners and journeyers of MC795, It is almost the fifteenth week of our meeting, and I believe we could continue to meet, think and talk for […]

There’s been change all along.

The universe is telling me that it’s time for change. Which is good, as change is happening whether the universe wants it or not. On Monday, I noted to my partner that two years ago around this time I struggled to get out of bed in the morning. I was coming off a clinical depression […]

I have 48 hours to get my shit together…

I am depleted. I don’t know if I’m egotistical or naive, but I didn’t realize how difficult finding my place in graduate school would be. I’ve researched the institutions I’m “applying” to, looked at the researchers, found ideological interest/research matches, secured recommenders, and rewritten my CV. And then there’s the personal statement. I asked a […]

Protected: counting change

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