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sunset - red sky at night

she leads our walks

“She leads our walks with thoughtless intention through the back lanes and side streets. This is how I come to know where I live.”


Life lessons through a Passover Seder…

This week has been one of beginning posts and not finishing them due to the balancing of self,┬ácommunity and “responsibilities”. I have a list of all the “to dos” I could be attempting this morning; however, blogging floated to the most important section of the list. In reality, having the opportunity to share, self express, […]

International Women’s Day…my life of education

Today is International Women’s Day. There are so many issues that I could reflect on today; policy inequities, health outcomes, violence against women, workplace discrimination, media representation of women. I could intellectualize, throw up an infographic, or write lists of statistics outlining the oppressed status of women internationally. Instead, I’m going to tell you a […]

ending the day + beginning Shabbos

I am lying in bed watching the glow from our Shabbat candles. Tonight, Korrie and I had Shabbos dinner for the first time in this house and together; our friend Erin joined us. The meal was simple-beef and vegetarian tacos. The community was small. But, the love was great. This afternoon I spent my time […]