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Between Yesterday and Today

I’m sitting down this morning to write a much different post than I did yesterday. In fact, I scrapped yesterday’s draft. Yesterday, my post began with a glass half empty mindset; today, while the stressors haven’t changed, I’m feeling different. Today I have hope.  Yesterday, at this time I’d been awake since 5am. I’d woken […]

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“Black Dog” Mac and Cheese

Find recipe for GF “Black Dog” Mac and Cheese below. I have a black dog. I think my black dog has followed me for most of my life; however, it’s taken until my thirties to acknowledge my constant companion for who they are and how they make me feel. Sometimes, the sheer consistency of my black […]

Dog on a snowy street during a blizzard.

On going to the less than generous spaces first

This morning my dear K came home from his third shift job just as I was leaving for work. We talked for a few minutes and ended our conversation in front of our home. A young woman, about our age, was shoveling out her car. “I think I may help this poor woman,” he said. At that […]

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Protected: the work

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Doing it all

I sometimes wonder how I did it all. More often, I wonder what “doing it all” actually means. I was once climbing the nonprofit management ladder at a decent pace. I constantly thought about what I could do next; how to grow and fund the programs I imagined, created, implemented, and managed; how to advance […]

Protected: One year

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Oh my son look at what I’ve done But I am learning still Learning still Know that I am learning still And oh my wife you are my life And I am burning still Burning still Know that I am burning for you still And all, all, all of my light is for you And […]