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Monday is a pill to swallow

I have a pill box. Yes, one of those Monday-Friday, AM/PM, 14- 1cm square boxes with snappy lids pill boxes. Blue lids for AM. Purple lid for PM.    For a few years (7 to be precise), I avoided having a pill box. Sure, I dipped my toes in now and then, but I couldn’t commit: […]

There’s been change all along.

The universe is telling me that it’s time for change. Which is good, as change is happening whether the universe wants it or not. On Monday, I noted to my partner that two years ago around this time I struggled to get out of bed in the morning. I was coming off a clinical depression […]


Last Monday evening my spouse and I returned from Israel after a 24 hour + day. I returned to work on Tuesday for a half-day. Wednesday I worked and then taught for two-hours of a three-hour seminar. By Wednesday midday my throat was tickling and by the evening I was running a low grade fever. […]

My German shepherd, Bryce, lying in the snow and smiling

on planning and smiling

I woke up slowly this morning- smiling. I’d planned a quiet start to Shabbat- as I now am wont to do; dog cuddles, coffee in bed, HuffPo articles, and then a late morning walk with B. At 9am she popped her face up at the foot of the bed and smiled- her paw scratching the […]

A new year… and a new wheat-free baking challenge

Welcome to my first post in 2014. I’m glad you’re joining me here 🙂 After celebrating the Jewish new year this past fall, sitting mindfully through the Days of Awe and repenting through Yom Kippur, I feel less moved by the turn from 2013 to 2014. In past years I have spent the morn of […]

Bunch of red tomatoes

Vitamin C + a hearty fall soup

Recipe for Balsamic-Tomato Soup follows at end of post. I have a cold. it is the 3rd cold that I’ve come down with this year. I am not pleased with this cold– the runny, itchy nose and scratchy throat- and yet I am pleased with my response to it. I am “taking it easier”. Formerly, […]

Sometimes change means going offroad at dusk…

…adjusting your eyes to the shadows, sloshing through mud, dirtying your brand new sneaks, and trusting your gut. Thank G-d for trail running.