Last Monday evening my spouse and I returned from Israel after a 24 hour + day. I returned to work on Tuesday for a half-day. Wednesday I worked and then taught for two-hours of a three-hour seminar. By Wednesday midday my throat was tickling and by the evening I was running a low grade fever. Yay. Thursday I took off work and slept ALL DAY LONG (not normal for me). Friday I headed to into the office, still sick, to write a section for a large grant that’s due. After three drafts and a nine-hour day my boss decided that I needed to try a different format. I left at 6:30pm and took an hour to get home. I was toast on Friday night.

Saturday and Sunday revolved around the house. Saturday was quieter. Sunday was a day full of cleaning followed by three hours of interviewing potential subletters. In addition to the total extrovert time, finding a subletter is its own stress. We’ve a roommate who’s blaming our “food filled” home for her bulimia and hair that’s falling out (while ignoring that her boyfriend calls her fat, is witholding meeting his parents ’til she loses weight, cheated on her, and every so often breaks up with her so he can “play the field”- yeah, none of that would trigger bulimic behavior and not eating enough calories + overexercising never makes your hair fall out). Done with roommate drama. Done. Especially as we’re hoping to move in August for a PhD program, I’m super stressed about living with yet another person for four months.

I digress.

I went back to work Monday morning and worked a full day on this grant. My symptoms (congestion, sore throat, headache) came back full throttle. By Monday night, I couldn’t talk my throat was sore and swollen.

Today I took the day off work to rest, recover, and set up a doctor’s appointment. And, let me tell you, I’ve been antsy all damned day. I’m too tired to think straight, but too energetic (perhaps it’s the cold meds?) to sit still without wanting to chew off my fingernails. I can’t sleep. After an afternoon of forcing myself to sit, I made my partner dinner. Thirty minutes on my feet hopping around the stove exhausted me. Now I’m sitting here on the couch feeling somewhere between tired and wired. My throat is raspy and sore. I thought that sitting still and resting was a good idea and yet I’m wondering if it’s helping?

Is my pacing off?


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