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Cup that says "Love my" and an image of a dog

“Black Dog” Mac and Cheese

Find recipe for GF “Black Dog” Mac and Cheese below. I have a black dog. I think my black dog has¬†followed me for most of my life; however, it’s taken until my thirties to acknowledge my constant companion for who they are and how they make me feel. Sometimes, the sheer consistency of my black […]

real food

I walked the dog, made dinner, sat outside and ate without watching television, and organized the freezer tonight. And, yes, I want a standing ovation. Summer has always been a difficult time for me to keep a routine. The heat makes me dread the oven. Heat. Sweat. Ick. And, once I get home from work, […]

Veggie-Tofu Skillet Ingredients

Mostly MREs: Meals Ready to Eat

MRE recipes following post include: Crockpot Apple-Oatmeal (link to recipe), Breakfast Egg-Cakes, Nutty Quinoa Pancakes (link to recipe), Veggie-Tofu Skillet, and Garlicky-Parmesan Quinoa Patties. After yet another week of eating take-out, processed cakes, and far too many miniature candy bars, I realized that I miss real food. I often find myself in a catch-22: I […]

Ingredients for quinoa pancakes

Comfort Choc-ful Pumpkin Loaf + Nutty Quinoa Pancakes

Recipes for Choc-ful Pumpkin Loaf + Nutty Quinoa pancakes follow this entry. I’ve been writing this post since Thursday. I first began working on the content for this post (in my mind and through baking) on Tuesday. It is amazing how much has changed since then and how also this post has changed. Originally I’d […]

Quick n’ Dirty Version: Pumpkin Black Bean “Enchiladas”

Recipe for Quick n’ Dirty Version: Pumpkin Black Bean “Enchiladas” follows at end of post. So, I came home yesterday evening with the full intent to make Chocolate-chip pumpkin muffins. I’d been thinking about them since Sunday morning; cinnamon-spiced with walnuts and dark chocolate. Heavenly. After an enthusiastic day of teaching, dog-walking, and therapy-attending I […]

Bunch of red tomatoes

Vitamin C + a hearty fall soup

Recipe for Balsamic-Tomato Soup follows at end of post. I have a cold. it is the 3rd cold that I’ve come down with this year. I am not pleased with this cold– the runny, itchy nose and scratchy throat- and yet I am pleased with my response to it. I am “taking it easier”. Formerly, […]

Life lessons through a Passover Seder…

This week has been one of beginning posts and not finishing them due to the balancing of self,¬†community and “responsibilities”. I have a list of all the “to dos” I could be attempting this morning; however, blogging floated to the most important section of the list. In reality, having the opportunity to share, self express, […]