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Monday is a pill to swallow

I have a pill box. Yes, one of those Monday-Friday, AM/PM, 14- 1cm square boxes with snappy lids pill boxes. Blue lids for AM. Purple lid for PM.    For a few years (7 to be precise), I avoided having a pill box. Sure, I dipped my toes in now and then, but I couldn’t commit: […]

There’s been change all along.

The universe is telling me that it’s time for change. Which is good, as change is happening whether the universe wants it or not. On Monday, I noted to my partner that two years ago around this time I struggled to get out of bed in the morning. I was coming off a clinical depression […]

living situations…

Well, we’re at it again: Trying to find roommate number 6. In year 1, J, our first roommate, landed a job abroad and left in May. We took S, a sub-letter starting in June through September. For year 2, A joined us. Unbeknownst to us, so did his boyfriend K. That was a stressful year as […]

Salty air

This evening, I walked out of the tall gray building that is my job after completing a 12-hour workday. I had been cold inside, wrapped up in air conditioning and my sea-blue cotton-blend cardigan. I expected to feel colder and so braced myself for the Boston fall chill upon pressing against the glass exit doors. […]

Doing it all

I sometimes wonder how I did it all. More often, I wonder what “doing it all” actually means. I was once climbing the nonprofit management ladder at a decent pace. I constantly thought about what I could do next; how to grow and fund the programs I imagined, created, implemented, and managed; how to advance […]

GF Nutty Apple Galette

You can find the recipe for GF Nutty Apple Galette below. I’ve been wanting to make an apple galette for ages. It all started at my dear friend Toni’s home whereupon I found myself visiting his Wednesday night Writer’s Workshop. To enjoy, there was thick soup, crusty bread, and apple galette. The pastry made shortbread-like with the flour-sugar […]

dog + cat

The cat- atop human bed. The dog – curled tight. The house – silent. I – gratefully living.