living situations…

Well, we’re at it again: Trying to find roommate number 6.

In year 1, J, our first roommate, landed a job abroad and left in May.

We took S, a sub-letter starting in June through September.

For year 2, A joined us. Unbeknownst to us, so did his boyfriend K. That was a stressful year as not everyone got along. They moved in together to continue the honeymooning in a 1-bedroom apartment.

Year 3, J2 joined us. I thought she’d be perfect. A PH practitioner by training and trade. Pretty quiet. A low/non-drinker. Instead, we also got (in absentia corporeally but VERY present spiritually) her emotionally abusive boyfriend, S2. And then she decided in January to move in with him. We negotiated the move out for May.

Now, we’re trying to find roommate #6 for May-Sept during a time in which we’re moving out of the state (hopefully) in August.

Other than my spouse, I never want to live with roommates again. The last few years of transition have rocked my core. I may have well been traveling the world; home has not felt rooted.

So far, it’s been a bust. The two scenarios we’re faced with: (1) Few people are open to living in a house in which one person works days and the other nights, and (2) a sober house turns folks off. Apparently we can’t live without alcohol [although I know I’m not the only one out there who’s got a drinking problem and isn’t drinking as a solution].

The folks who’ve liked us want to live with us longer than 4 months.

We can’t win for losing.

Anyhow, in the midst of this crazy, I’m trying my best to make sure I cook and eat healthy meals (read: not only cake), return to walking Bryce regularly now that the streets are less encumbered, write, and plan social time. So to that end, here’s a snapshot of my last three days.

Empty Bowls fundraising poster

Saturday: Empty Bowls fundraising project to benefit On the Rise- a program for homeless women in Boston.

Bryson swimming in a frozen pondMonday; when taking Bryce for a wintry walk, she decided to swim in a frozen pond and I ended up wading through snow up to my knees!

Three butternut squash sprouts on a wooden chopping board

Wednesday: When prepping a butternut squash for roasting I uncovered beautiful sprouted seeds. Yes, I’m going to try to plant them.


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