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Wednesday morning, right against the deadline, I officially declined Johns Hopkins School of Public Health’s offer  to attend their PhD in Health Behavior and Science. And while I’ve already excitedly accepted and announced my matriculation into the University of Tennessee’s doctoral program, declining JHSU’s program brings both sadness and joy. You see, I had the opportunity […]


Last Monday evening my spouse and I returned from Israel after a 24 hour + day. I returned to work on Tuesday for a half-day. Wednesday I worked and then taught for two-hours of a three-hour seminar. By Wednesday midday my throat was tickling and by the evening I was running a low grade fever. […]

Dog on a snowy street during a blizzard.

On going to the less than generous spaces first

This morning my dear K came home from his third shift job just as I was leaving for work. We talked for a few minutes and ended our conversation in front of our home. A young woman, about our age, was shoveling out her car. “I think I may help this poor woman,” he said. At that […]

swirling dark water- a maelstrom

Protected: the work

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

When you look at a field of dandelions you can either see a hundred weeds or a hundred wishes.


Trigger warning: This post vividly describes bulimic behavior.     I sat on the bathroom floor with a gallon of vanilla ice-cream positioned between my thighs.  I’d arrived home from school, stripped off my jeans, pulled on gray cotton boxers shorts and headed for the freezer. Outside the temperature was spiking 92. I was hot, […]

on seeking the consistency of Shabbos

I’m finding that I crave the consistency Friday afternoons bring. Today was a off-day. With Boston preparing for the wrath of “Nemo” the city felt flustered and I, in it, isolated. I’m prepared: the groceries are ready, water bought, flashlights located. And yet, none of it seemed necessary nor important today as I sat “alone” […]

Never an ill wind…

This morning I awoke with one sentence sitting quietly in my mind, “It’s an ill wind that blaws naebody any gude.” I know I was introduced to this Scottish proverb when I was little. I don’t remember when or how- that’s how the brain works. We just remember things sometimes. The gist of this proverb […]