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packing pandemonium

We haven’t started into the meat of the packing yet. Foolishly, I thought it wouldn’t be too bad; we don’t have that much stuff, right? And then I visited the basement- the root of all damp evil. I realized that the few kitchen boxes I’d already packed have disintegrated in the summer humidity. Realized that […]

Mornings, memories, muffins, and me.

Recipe for Interdependence Blueberry Muffins below Today is July 4th – a day when families and friends gather across the United States to celebrate, swim, grill, booze, and firework. In my nuclear family, there is also cornhole and, if we’re lucky, a board game or cards after the children off to bed. But honestly, it’s been […]


At 10:11 a.m. today my department chair sent a myself and two colleagues a brief email: “Marriage Equality Passes 5-4”. A quick google search confirmed the news and the reality that my marriage in Massachusetts will legally move with me to Tennessee. I quickly texted my spouse, “We’re officially recognized in TN!!!” and received his “Woo-hoo!!” in […]

Finding motivation

I keep wondering if I can afford to move my end date up – leave work on July 17th rather than July 24th. It makes little sense, really. Especially given that the week of the 20-24th I have to take two sick days for doctor’s appointments and, thus, am only working a three-day week. I’d lose […]


In 31 days (22 works days), I will leave Boston University. It feels unreal. So much has been happening this past so-far-summer and I wonder if I’ve been catching up on or missing out on the things that I once thought I’d do before leaving. The things I’ve been able to do so far: Smell the lilacs […]

waiting games

This morning I dropped Bryce off at Angell Memorial for the second time in two weeks- her fourth visit in the past month. Between each visit we’ve been asked to wait and watch her symptoms- until last week when her joint taps showed abnormally high neutrophil counts in each limb tapped (15,000 in each of […]

Planning and caretaking 

In about 8 weeks we will move to Knoxville. I’m off work this week and part of next to take care of my spouse. His June 4th surgery was timed as quickly as we could book it and yet falls in a strange place; too early to help much with the pre-move and perhaps too […]