In 31 days (22 works days), I will leave Boston University. It feels unreal. So much has been happening this past so-far-summer and I wonder if I’ve been catching up on or missing out on the things that I once thought I’d do before leaving.

The things I’ve been able to do so far:

  • Smell the lilacs in the Arboretum.
  • Walk the pond with my honey – and appreciate the coming together, the relationship building, the connecting, and the commitment (wedding) that happened there
  • Fish with Toni at Walden.
  • Sit outside and read on my beautiful porch with coffee in the mornings.
  • Visit PTown
  • Take photos of Boston on a “tourist” day. (We took a Freedom Trail tour!)

Things I’d still like to do:

  • Walk the harbor and visit my seals.
  • Walk the Southie beach loop with Korrie (our first date)
  • Eat a Regina’s pizzeria then sip espresso in the North End while waiting for cannoli at Mike’s.
  • Visit the harbor islands- I never have!!!
  • Dance at Dyke night and Tuesday night country dancing.
  • Visit De Cordova.
  • Host a music, friend and neighbor-filled BBQ.
  • Go on a whale watching tour out of Newport or Gloucester. (Planned for July already!)
  • Visit the MFA
  • Visit the Isabella Stewart Gardener
  • Visit the Science Museum
  • Visit Legoland
  • Eat plenty of raisin scones from Blue Frog Bakery – YUM.
  • See and talk and share love with all of those I will miss from here. (Trying to see everyone as I go along)

Those that likely won’t happen

  • Hike with Bryce in the Blue Hills.
  • Ride Zoe to the Blue Hills and then out Route 2 for ice-cream (with K, of course).
  • Say goodbye to Sophia’s Grotto with one last arancini appetizer and salad with proscuitto.
  • Ride on Zoe at Pride. (Already passed)
  • Take the Ferry to PTown for a weekend.
  • Kayak on the Charles.

There’s still so much to do here (all of the above PLUS packing, selling vehicles, shoring up paperwork for TN) and yet, in my mind, I’m already mapping my new schedule for Tennessee. We move around August 1st (enough time to unpack, visit the DMV, tour the city together, settle in, and give K opportunity to job search) and on August 19th, the fun begins at school. My imagined schedule looks like:

  • Monday: Classes 10-1am, 3:30-4:30pm, and 5:00-8:00pm (Swimming for an hour 1:30-2:30pm)
  • Tuesday: Graduate Assistantship 9-3; Gym after work; Homework/Projects in evening
  • Wednesday: Class 9am-12pm; Graduate Assistantship 1-5pm (Easy lunchtime walk and stretch; Gym/Cycling after work)
  • Thursday: Graduate Assistantship 9-3; Gym after work; Homework/Projects in evening
  • Friday: Graduate Assistantship 9-1; Swim after work
  • Saturday: FREE
  • Sunday:Homework/Projects 10am-3pm; afternoon to cook/hang out

Is it crazy that I’m working out my schedule in my head already? I can’t help it…it’s just in there.

This isn’t a full blog post. It also isn’t the post I’d set out to write. I was sidetracked by my planning brain (yet again), and now I have to head to work.

I’ll come back later with more thoughts.


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