Planning and caretaking 

In about 8 weeks we will move to Knoxville. I’m off work this week and part of next to take care of my spouse. His June 4th surgery was timed as quickly as we could book it and yet falls in a strange place; too early to help much with the pre-move and perhaps too late to help much on moving day. But, its timing is perfect for “giving me a break” of sorts. It’s constant and tiring- thinking about someone else and trying to meet their needs- but it’s also love-full and rewarding. And, the luxury of being home for 7 work days is – well – a luxury. Because in the spaces in between, when he’s sleeping and I’ve the household laundry and cleaning taken care of, I can think and plan for TN.

We yet to have a place to live. Part of this week’s work is renegotiating a space; finding an environment that’ll work for us financially, geographically, and architecturally. We’re likely looking for the short-term so we can then find a “real” apartment or house once we land and settle in. The Taurean firstborn in me wishes I knew where I was living in 8 weeks. Soon – I keep reminding myself. Soon.

This week is also the week of settling finances – catching up with bills and also figuring out upcoming debt. It’s the week of planning and consolidation. Setting up a new checking account with my spouse’s credit union. Readying for a new budget.

I discovered last week that I’ll be presenting at APHA in Chicago this year – at least one but perhaps two studies. This week I get to apply for supportive travel finding from UTK. I also have been asked to present at BU School of Social Work this fall. I’m planning for early December- also a good chance to visit loved ones post-semester. This week, I also must set that date and the paperwork.

And then there’s the little silly things- updating recipe notecards, creating a virtual lit review of LGBT research articles, my photo books. I’d like to keep working on all of these and complete them before moving. It takes time.

I’ve always been a list maker. A planner. My work follows a schedule with due dates. Some call it perfectionism. Some call it organization. I say it’s self-care. Listing and planning helps me understand some of what’s coming and let’s me build it in thoughtfully.

This week is a week of caretaking. Caring for my spouse. Caring for our home. Caring for our future. And taking care of myself in the process. And no, I’ve not forgotten walking, porch yoga, naps, and cuddle time with my dog, it’s all planned in there too. 😉


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