Has it really been since May since I’ve last blogged? Wow.

There’s continued to be much change in the past few months. It’s been difficult and easy, saddening and joyous. I’ve been focusing a lot on me-who I am in the world, who I want to become, and how I would like to contribute. I’ve been thinking about my passions, reflecting on my challenges, and working on the hard stuff.

Unemployment has been difficult. It’s been difficult to be called overqualified, called underqualified, and not called at all. At the same time, it has opened me up to new possibilities. And, those possibilities are going to allow me to pursue my passions and to take care of my self.

I was offered further adjunct work this fall with the college I’ve been teaching at for nearly two years now. This fall I will teach three classes. I’m thrilled.

Once September arrives I’ll also be working full-time with a friend’s small business: dog walking. Again, I’m thrilled. I love being with the dogs and this type of work allows space for my discovery-sabbatical. I can continue with therapy, yoga, writing, quiet space, regular sleep, and building relationships, and not feel pressured about my job nor guilty about the massive amount of time spent there.

This is a big life change. A leap. A dangerous opportunity.

I don’t expect it all to easy, but I am looking forward to the ride.


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  1. […] like this over the next few months- writing at the kitchen table or my desk- as, despite my “Updates” post, this fall’s plans have changed again. It now seems like I will only be adjunct […]

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