What to say? All in for Boston.

What to say? All in for Boston.

I’m struggling to understand the tragedy that happened here today. At the time of this writing, it has been reported that approximately 100 people are injured and two have died in the explosions at the Boston Marathon finish line.

I’m struggling to understand the nuances. The horror of the tragedy: how someone(s) could purposefully plan to hurt others. The capacity of bystanders and first responders who acted with unthinkable, immediate heroism. The hatred that has spewed after- commentary demanding “accountability” by death with accusatory, xenophobic statements. And the immutable condition of the human spirit, which is bringing locals to offer homes, meals, and other support to marathoners and others in need at this time.

I’m struggling to understand the the “developing story” of today. And through this sadness, I’m trying to hold onto the core of the marathon- the coming together of strangers in strength, endurance, dedication, community and, most importantly, in the good that is at the heart of the Boston Marathon.

Let us go all in for Boston- in prayer and in peace.

Boston Marathon Banner (Adidas Campaign) via kustoo.com.


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