Finding gravity

Yesterday I joined the JP Centre yoga studio with a two week new member pass. Today, was my first class- a community class.

The studio focuses on Vinyasa, so I’m familiar with the practice. But, I’ve never had a class like today.

Our instructor, Molly, asked everyone at the beginning of class to set an intention-whether for the class, for the day, or for something greater. Again, I am familiar with this practice, and previously have set my intention toward someone else’s health and healing. In doing so, I’ve experienced amazing practice and intention.

Today, I dedicated my practice to HaShem. For the duration of class, I set an intention to embody HaShem’s love.

The yoga was rigorous and through the sweats and sun salutations, warrior and tree poses, I looked to the sky and thanked G-d. When something hurt, I gave myself space and made accommodations. I smiled at myself, HaShem, our instructor, and my fellow yogis.

I worked hard, my body worked hard and yet, the worked felt like play.

As we came into final resting pose, Molly asked us all to reflect on the intention we set at the beginning of class. As I thought on my promise to embody HaShem’s love, I began to thank G-d. Over and over, I thanked God for giving me this body. For giving me this body that can practice. For giving me a body that can embody love. And, as I thanked HaShem, my eyes began to fill up with tears and my body began to shake. Lying in resting pose, palms upturned to the skies like a corpse, I felt my heart grow full and my whole being swell up inside of me. Just as I reached the point where I thought I was going to break down crying in class, a single tear rolled down my left cheek and my body fell deeply into the ground. Through HaShem’s love, I found gravity and I felt calm. My mind stopped thinking. My body fell into repose. And, my heart? I felt it rest.

We ended the class with a final ohm, namaste, and I with Shabbat Shalom.


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