the proverbial bucket list

the proverbial bucket list

I noted that this time was a “dangerous opportunity”- a time for me to consider not only to consider my next career path but also a time to reflect upon who I am and what I’m passionate about. So, I took 30 minutes to consider the question “How would I fill my personal time if I could do anything?” I made sure to keep my answers attainable (for right now), and I’m going to use this exercise as a guide to begin integrating more of my passions into my life.

I know that I want a job that’s shaped around my life- not a life shaped that’s built around a job. I’ve already done that. It doesn’t do anything good for me, my lovers, nor my family. So, I’m starting by thinking about what I love and where I want to grow and experience. And this is my visual take on it.


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